In the sunshine..

Finally it has gotten warm enough for me to get out there and begin the first exploration (of many to come) of the multi acre claim that I claimed for the Empire in Georgia. This came after I postponed the same a few times due to cold weather and realized just how thin skinned my time in Florida has made me. Freezing in 70 degrees thin skinned. It also it came after everyone kept telling me for the last month and a half that: “Next week it will be warmer”. Suffice to say, their warm and my warm were two very different things.

So, today, in the nice and warm afternoon sunshine hours I made my first way out there and let me say one thing. Nice. Very nice. And big. Holy smoke, I could not believe how much there is over there. It will likely take us a while to completely cover fully! Pretty too. This will definitely do and I’m sure we can come up with plenty of creative uses and activities involving the area over time in addition to the initial ideas I had. Claiming and solidifying the claim should come easy as well considering we’re close by and can go there at any time with ease.

Already the place looks really promising on a cultural cuisine level for I tasted just one little clover flower and it was delicious. The amounts of plants and nature there is insane; it is a foragers dream covering many acres. Most of the area is hilly and covered by woods, with several grassy fields and pathways leading in various directions. Exploration will reveal if there is stream or pond, none of which is known as of yet. There seem to be many hidden as well as well maintained paths and clearings, however, it was hard to tell from my still limited vantage point today. Over the next few months I’ll be getting over there a lot more often and I’ll be posting more in depth then including pictures, thoughts and potentials for the future. For now a little aerial view, courtesy of google maps.


Google maps has been very helpful; a quick shot of the claim area.

My better half has already agreed to explore the area thoroughly with me over the next few, so this will be an interesting set of adventures. Furthermore since this will be part of the Empress’s regular cardiovascular exercise routine for summer slenderizing purposes you can bet that I’ll be there a lot. Like three times a week often.

If claim validity depends solely on number of visitations and occupation of said claimed area, we’ll have this one in the bag.


Initial Claims : Part 3

Page nine * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * Version 1.0

Claim validity date:

All of our sovereign claims are valid as of February 17th, 2016.
A shortened list is presented below:

(1) Residence around Atlanta, Ga. A public area, Atlanta, Ga.
(2) Bir Tawil / Red Rock; between Sudan / Egypt.
(3) Marie Byrd Land / White Rock; West Antarctica
(4) Mia Tip; ocean claim off the coast of Florida.
(5) Three ocean claims by the west coast of Africa.
(6)  one ocean claim by the west coast of Spain / Portugal.
(7) one ocean claim by the east coast of Brazil.
(8) two ocean claims by the east coast of Madagascar.
(9) Nine Wilderness areas on the North American Continent.
(10) Seven Wilderness areas on the Central and South American Continents.
(11) Six Wilderness areas on the continent of Africa.
(12) Three Wilderness areas on the European continent.
(13) Five Wilderness areas on the Australian Continent and Pacific Ocean.
(14) Two Wilderness areas on the Indian Continent.
(15) Two Wilderness areas on the Asian Continent.
(16) Four off world claims: Sol, Luna, Mars, Venus.

Claim Files will be filed:

Each of these sovereign claims will be getting a claim file created in our database listing basic information in regards to the claim in question. Additional information and amendments may be made via the claim files.

17 Feb 2016 * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * HayaH

Page ten * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * Version 1.0

Remaining qualified as a sovereign state:

Each of these is a fulfillment of us holding and claiming Sovereign Territory.  As long as even one of these remains viable our fulfillment of having sovereign territory remains in effect. The way to make our claims invalid is to actively counter our claim in these areas, colonize them and then administer over said territories effectively. If we colonize any of these areas and find another civilization of permanent inhabitants living in the areas thereof that we are seeking to colonize; we will move coordinates into another free area of the territory and amend our claim. If they are fully inhabited and they are claimed by another state or nation, we will remove our claim upon the area or territory and amend this document.

As we hold territorial claims over areas spanning throughout every continent and region of the world, we feel secure in our sovereignty, even if the same should be challenged in one territory. In addition our focus on active research, planning, expeditions and colonization of these areas will further solidify our validity of these claims.

Challenging claims of our Sovereign Territories:

It is hereby set forth that by Hanian Law anyone may challenge our claims on our Sovereign Territories while we prepare to administer them appropriately. This includes traditional nations and states, ethnic and tribal groups, micro nations, unrecognized states, authorized representatives of alien civilizations and private individuals. Be aware time is limited to make your challenge, anyone who has not challenged a claim within one solar rotation (one year) of the announcement of this document may not state such challenge in the future. This means the right to challenge expires on 28th February, 2017 for any claim listed on this document. The exception to challenge is not open for spaces occupied and used by empire citizens, especially private residences. If you challenge a claim, your situation and right to the claim will be evaluated. In cases additional proof may be necessary, in other cases we may drop the claim or move our claim to another similar territory. Be aware Hanian Law is specific to claims.

17 Feb 2016 * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * HayaH

Page eleven * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * Version 1.0

Finding people living in our Sovereign Territories:

Should we travel to a said territory and find people who have made themselves a home there or are using wilderness areas, public areas or parks  we will co-exist with them and not bother them. There are specific laws in place governing the Empire’s interaction with non – citizens found living in our areas, communities and even sovereign territories. We will however, whenever possible, keep an active eye on our holdings and work with territories when and however it is possible for us.

Temporary visitors and nomads:

In addition we realize that a number of researchers may grace our shores, nomadic peoples may travel through our borders and tourists may find themselves wandering or traveling through our sovereign areas. In most cases there will not be any heavy border enforcement as we believe in freedom of movement. Free passage is permitted for most people through any Hanian Sovereign Territory with exception of the private property and residences used for official purposes by citizens thereof and areas deemed as restricted access.

In regards to off world claims of Sovereign Territory:

Due to the presence of active sovereign claims of territories off world we will be seeking to engage in active research and development to make eventual colonization there possible and a reality within the next century. Currently we, as everyone else, are constricted by the technological restrictions that hamper effective colonization as of this time. We are certain, however, that in time our proper research utilization of red rock, white rock and the Devon island wilderness will prove invaluable to our needs in that regards. Through innovation these problems will be addressed appropriately.

17 Feb 2016 * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * HayaH

Page twelve * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * Version 1.0

Auxiliary Territories claimed:

Due the unique nature of our empire, we are also hereby endowed with the authority to establish an alternative government to allow proper administration and providing services to our citizenry who may live in areas other than our sovereign territories. In most regions and cities we will be co- governing with established authorities of other nations and states. This is only normal for the type of nation we are; since only in the above mentioned places do we hold sovereignty or any future of administrating our own affairs without the interference from another nation or state. Many of these auxiliary territories do not fall under that sovereignty clause; for now.

The Empire hereby claims auxiliary status for administrative purposes over thirteen total divisional regions; whereas in many of these the jurisdiction and governance is shared with other authorities as determined by all the people residing in those territories. The only places exempt from this shared jurisdiction are the ones laid forth in point one, two, three and five of the sovereign territory section. For instance white rock, and red rock are both sovereign territories respectively; but still require their own administrative division. Citizens living in traditional nation states still need access to proper Empire services and embassies, even if these be contained in territories where we do not currently hold sovereignty. As such, the empire hereby is creating administrative divisions. These are broken down into thirteen administrative divisions; almost equally spread into three sectors: Love, Wisdom and Beauty. Among the auxiliary territories the most advanced is tasked with leadership of the sector and being a positive guide for the others in its sector; specifically tublia, gjnala and intara. Usually those are also those divisions with the most resources and stable infrastructure in the sector.

17 Feb 2016 * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * HayaH

Page thirteen * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * Version 1.0

List of administrative divisions and sectors:

Love: fj riala {feye rih ; ah ; la}

* tublia > {tu ; blih ; ah} North America, Canada, Greenland, Iceland
zoloz > {zoh ; loz} Mexico / Central America / South America
chakin > {chah ; kin}  Atlantic Ocean / Caribbean Islands
zulljro > {zul ; leye ; ro}  White rock / Antarctica

Wisdom: fj naala {feye nah ; ah ; la}

* gjnala > {geye ; na ; lah} European Countries and Russia
tzutwa > {tsut ; wah} Africa and Madagascar
rjbiti > {reye ; bih ; tih} Middle East
rolorm >  {ro ; lorm} Red rock / Bir Tawil

Beauty : fj liala {feye lih ; ah ; la}

* inttara > {int ; ta ; rah} China / Mongolia / Japan
alixen > {ah ; lih ; xen} Australia, New Zealand
nazdon > {naz ; don} India, Nepal, Bhutan, Himalayas
attuor >  {at ; tu ; or} The rest of Asia
chapura > {cha ; pu ; rah} Pacific region with Islands / Indian ocean

Creating the administrative division files:

At a later date we will be creating and filing the administrative division files, each a singular file describing the administrative division in more detail and listing exactly which traditional territories fall within their borders. In additions it will list the citizen’s original state of habitation which would be covered under a particular division and any sovereign territories which may fall under it’s jurisdiction. (Wilderness areas, ocean claims or even sovereign land claims).

17 Feb 2016 * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * HayaH

Page fourteen * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * Version 1.0

These are all of our sovereign claimed lands as well as our administrative divisions.

Any part of this document may be amended and updated as needed through the claim files and / or the administrative divisions files. Additional documents will be filed to highlight various laws governing these territories.

Typed on the 16th of February, 2016
Made official on the 17th of February, 2016 by Authority of Empress HayaH.

17 Feb 2016 * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * HayaH

Initial Claims – part 2

Page four * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * Version 1.0

Three – The Waters:

Claimed territories in International Waters, terra nullius ocean claims.

Currently they can only be listed by informal coordinates, they will be standardized in the near future.

Lat: 30.18  Lon: -76.32                               by east coast of Florida, USA        lat: 3566273.74 lon : 8539004.79 * tiny tip off the coast of South Florida.

Lat: -6.46  Lon: 1.16                                    by west coast of Africa

Lat: -25.64 Lon: 5.73                                   by west coast of Africa

Lat: -41.97  Lon: 0.17                                  by west coast of Africa

Lat: 36.76  Lon: -14.27                                by west coast of Spain/Portugal

Lat -20.68 Lon: – 34.76                                by east coast of Brazil

Lat:  -8.91 Lon: 60.16                                  by east coast of Madagascar

Lat: -10.45 Lon: 62.01                                 by east coast of Madagascar

*The formats of the coordinates will be made uniform on the official claim pages, it seems difficult to get maps with the better coordinate system listed on them which show the economic zones well enough.

17 Feb 2016 * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * HayaH

Page five * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * Version 1.0

Four – The Wilderness Territories:

Places that are either unoccupied and lack permanent population or they are sparsely populated by citizens of another state or nation. This results in tracts of land which are open for claim and eventual colonization attempts; if these are handled properly. Most of these are wilderness areas. Exact claim acreage is currently unknown until further study of our sovereign areas has been conducted. These operate on a vonu basis, out of sight, out of mind.

In North America:

Greenland Wilderness, Greenland (arctic)
Devon Island – Canada (island . arctic)
Alaskan Wilderness, America (arctic. mountain . forest)
Northern Canada Wilderness, Canada (arctic. mountain. forest)
Rocky Mountains, North America (mountains)
Appalachian mountains, America (mountains)
Texas Wilderness, America (rugged. hills)
Kansas / Dakota Area, America (farmland)
Hawaiian Area, America (island, tropic)

In Caribbean, Central and South America:

Wilderness in the Dominican republic (jungle)
Amazon Rain forest, South America (jungle)
Remote areas in Ecuador, Central America (jungle)
Suriname Wilderness; South America (tropic. jungle)
French Guiana Wilderness, South America
Chile Wilderness, South America (desert . mountains)
Falkland Islands, South America (island)

17 Feb 2016 * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * HayaH

Page six * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * Version 1.0

In Asia:

Tibetan plateau Wilderness
Mongolia Wilderness

In Australia / Pacific:

Australian Outback (desert . rugged)
Philippine islands which are uninhabited or sparsely (tropics)
Papua New Guinea Wilderness (jungle)
New Zealand Wilderness (mountain . forest)
Maldives Islands (tropics)

In Europe:

Iceland Wilderness; Europe (arctic)
Siberia, Europe (arctic . forest)
The alps mountain range (mountain)

In Africa:

West Sahara / Morocco Wilderness, Africa (desert)
Namibia Wilderness, Africa (desert)
Mauritania Wilderness, Africa (desert)
Congo Wilderness, Africa (jungles)
Sierra Leone and Liberia Wilderness (jungles)

In India:

Bhutan Wilderness (mountain)
Himalayan Wilderness (mountain)

In the Middle East:

Undetermined for now due to political instability.

17 Feb 2016 * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * HayaH

Page seven * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * Version 1.0

For now, only the overall area in each of these territories is defined until further studies can be conducted. Eventual specific square miles and actual borders will be defined and made available. Everyone knows where these are at and it is very clear that many of these vast territories are barely inhabited by others allowing us to move citizenry into those areas and establish official colonies at will. Most are so remote we are certain that our people will not be hassled by anyone.

17 Feb 2016 * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * HayaH


Page eight * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * Version 1.0

Five: Extraterrestrial Lands:

It is our right at any time to engage colonization or administration of our solar territories hereby claimed as well. We see fit to claim off world territories as we plan on engaging in space colonization and research in space endeavors. In addition we will be pursuing research and planning for first contact with civilizations from elsewhere.

Sol – the sun of our solar system.
Luna – the moon; satellite of earth.
Mars – the fourth planet of our solar system.
Venus – the second planet of our solar system.

17 Feb 2016 * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * HayaH

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Claims Document: Version 1.0

Since this is a beast I will be posting this in several stages; as a series of blog posts. Then putting it whole on it’s own page linked from the top and HERE. So far it’s only been defined and typed up; made as of 17th February, 2016.

It still has to be:

  • printed
  • signed
  • publicized past this blog
  • a claim file made out for each of them
  • made, uhmm, much more official

Yes, I know I’m being all informal here so let’s get more official here for a moment.


Page one * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * Version 1.0

Official Hanian Earth Empire Initial Claims Document:
Version 1.0                                                     February 17th, 2016

Whereas the Empire has claimed and occupies defined territory, has citizenry, a governmental system and is able to enter into relations with other states the Empire fulfills all necessary steps of statehood. Thus we are hereby considered a state by the definition given thereof by the 1933 Montevideo Convention. Our sovereignty and statehood is not dependent upon the recognition by any other individual, organization, state or sovereign; henceforth this is binding as of 17 February, 2016.

The first thing the Empire as a state sets to do is to officially announce our claims on various territories as our sovereign space as well as to organize our administrative divisions. This document serves to do both: to record initial claims onto various territories and to define our administrative divisions for our shared / auxiliary territories where we form an alternative government in those regions.

* ~ *

Defined Territories:

Defined territory consists of specific claims made by the Empire. They consist of Sovereign and Auxiliary claimed territories. Sovereign is where we either hold sole authority and absolute sovereignty or where we are active in remote areas that are vonu; out of sight thus out of mind.

Sovereign Territorial Claims:

Sovereign claims are found in various locations all over the planet and are:

One: directly occupied by our citizenry or public places close to citizens
Two: in dispute by two or more states or terra nullius territories.
Three: in the terra nullius zone of international waters.
Four: unoccupied by or remote wilderness areas of other states. (vonu)
Five: are well outside the jurisdiction of other nations and states.

17 Feb 2016 * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * HayaH

Page two * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * Version 1.0

List of Sovereign Territories claimed by the Empire:

One – The Colonized Areas:

These are locations directly occupied by our citizenry; usually only consisting of private residences or tracts of parks and public acres that are found around them. Every space occupied by citizens of the empire can be designated as official sovereign territory; though many of them may not be made public knowledge. Even if not specifically listed, it is to be expected that our citizenry as we grow will control and influence spaces in places around the world. Private residences are just that, private. Public spaces are used for gathering and as wild – life areas, parks and for walking trails or other public uses. They remain open even after claiming, but we may hold events or gatherings there in the future or pursue other cool activities there.

Atlanta, Ga North America
*Private; location not disclosed.
(1100 Square Feet; private residence)

Atlanta, Ga, North America *Public
*Public; location not disclosed (yet).
(Approximately 1000 Acres of public land scattered in that area.)

– Once the document is signed physically and we have done an official physical claiming of the area, the public location will have the exact coordinates entered here.

17 Feb 2016 * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * HayaH

Page three * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * Version 1.0

Two – The Unwanted Lands:

These are territories which are either in dispute by two or more states or nations or are terra nullius territories; no mans land.

Bir Tawil, Africa
{21°52’14″N 33°44’14″E}
A 795 Square mile territory found between Egypt and Sudan.
Not officially claimed by either Egypt or Sudan.
It is in our African territory and is informally called red rock by Hanian.

Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica
{80°00’S 120°00’W}
A 620,000 Square Mile Territory found on the Western Side of Antarctica.
Not officially claimed by any nation.
It is in our Antarctic territory and is informally called white rock by Hanian.

17 Feb 2016 * ~ * Hanian Earth Empire  *~* Initial Claims Document * ~ * HayaH

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3D printing…

I realize the technology is still in it’s infancy, but I’m wondering if that is the thing we’ll need to perfect to get the proper push into a true money free society. I’m thinking that this will do it as with the ability to create anything on the spot like that and then “recycle” the base materials to make something else. Because base materials would be re-used, the cost to create and recreate things will mostly be the energy and time requirement. That will mean the scarcity we’re feeling right now will be less pronounced; potentially even be eliminated. Then it becomes more of a case of making something and remaking something else rather than buying it.  With something like a 3D printer it’s customization  galore; not just a basic pattern. That I believe will be the key; the ability for us to make what we need and want on the spot with relatively little energy. I also believe that the more renewable things we have access to as people the more our dependence on money will disappear. Virtual reality will help as well in more ways than many people think right now. If we don’t have to spend thousands or millions of dollars to go see someplace else it will help to make a money free economy. If we can run a simulation to test our a hypothesis or get training in something (such as flying) we can get a lot further with less resources. Now if they can let us say explore mars from our living rooms, it will just be downright cool. So we’re still a ways away from realizing it, but our technological advancement will eventually catch up and make all that possible.

Wilderness areas and vonu

In typing up the aforementioned beast of claiming documents I had a stunning thought about wilderness areas. It was something I had considered earlier already to some extent to do things in regards to out of sight / out of mind. Lots of things, creative, sneaky and very Hanian type of things.

However I didn’t fully realize it until I was writing on a section of my science fiction book and thought, yeah, aliens would so not claim or go after what was immediately visible or conventional. So I thought, what should I do being Hanian about that given we’d follow a similar cultural trajectory with such things.

With that in mind I thought that perhaps some places being claimed should be various wilderness areas, places that are far removed where we’d be vonu if we’d go there and do something. Yeah, some places still have various considerations (such as that pesky lack of infrastructure) but isn’t that why governments exist in the first place? Almost all of them are also pretty remote, part of their selling point such also becomes their weakness. We’d have to get to them first!  Yeah, so says the empress after claiming red rock. Which is very remote. Followed by white rock, which is even more remote. Ants don’t even make their habitat on white rock for crying out loud and I’m complaining about the remoteness of Papua New Guinea or the Canadian Wilderness! So, anyhow, I placed a number of these on our claim file separated nice and neatly by continent; but for now without coordinates. We’d need to do some serious research and scouting before we could figure out where in these vast places to do things. And how to get there to do them!

At least the borders of one of them isn’t particularly far from here and that’s as good a start as any to these types of things.


So claims…

Claiming land is turning out to be quite a chore.Especially since I want the whole thing to look rather official, not just randomly put on a sheet of paper and sitting around somewhere saying oh yes, we claim these rocks over here and that ice over there.

I had already started with it months ago to research places and do things like getting coordinates. Then when I needed it I found that the file was difficult to find; specifically the file mentioning the ocean claims. To make matters worse they were in the wrong format, not like how I wanted the coordinates to show on everything. No matter what I tried to fix it, this would not budge. Ocean points are even harder when you have to make sure the places aren’t in anyone’s economic zones. Land spots are relatively easy if a known point is there, Wikipedia is a blessing and so are most map programs.  So I had to toss them on the file as they were, horribly non – conformed. That was just the headaches with the ocean territories. Then there was the land stuff and all the other things going into claiming territories.

How should it be organized? What was sovereign and what wasn’t? What should we call the ones where we share jurisdiction with others? How should the planet be divided up for administrative purposes? Oh, mess, I better put that in the cultural language too while I’m at it. These two main ones don’t have a name, would it work to just call them red rock and white rock for a little longer and give someone else the honor of naming them later? How could people dispute the territory claims? Would we do claims differently depending on what they where? Literally a million questions had to be answered, most of them right on the spot as I tried to organize and type up the document. Others still had to be answered right on the spot, but the information kept for later documents. But trust me, 14 agonizing pages later, all presented nice and nearly, we officially now have claimed territory. Or rather I have claimed territory so we can now set up more officially. Lots and lots and lots of things to work with both for now and for much later. At the cost of 14 agonizing pages about claiming territories. That doesn’t even include all of the laws governing those areas, it doesn’t touch on the planning needed to make them more official. Or at least to look like we have more than a passing interest in that particular area. The planning session about red rock a few months back was classic had you been a fly on the wall there. Suffice to say the initial claims document won’t define everything right away, as it’s just an initial document saying we claim these bases to be ours and we’re going to be working at making it so. Now lets see in the next coming months how many people will want to challenge us for white rock….

*Rubs hands in gleeful anticipation at going all Hanian on them about it and throwing various Hanian Empire laws at them in the process!*



Micronations…. oh glorious MN…

I was getting a little burned out with the writing of the science fiction over the last two days. It’s not something that happens often but when I’m stressed it happens more often than when everything is completely at an even keel. And being a woman, stress happens and there is only so much that chocolate can do for you. Had a week that was riddled with conflict with family that was probably not as bad as it seemed when I was going through it and of just not feeling well immediately thereafter. Empresses it seems are not exempt from feeling like rubbish. I could have played another round of civilization. While that is fun most of the time has been starting to bore me more lately every time I opened up the program. And it feels like a colossal waste of good time. Not even messing with alien verbs was doing it for me this time either; so the linguistics has been meh as well. So I surfed the internet. Yeah I know. Not very productive either. In fact, it’s the kill switch for just about any writing project, bad writer I am. After surfing hours through memes about writers and internet procrastination I thought why not check micronation stuff. It had been a while and I wanted to see what people were up to there. So I checked out Molossia and was like, yeah, way cool so still want to go visit the place! Then I looked to see who had languages too and saw Talossa has been doing great in that regards.  Looking through a few more I noticed someone claiming a region between Serbia and Croatia and their adventures in forming Liberland. And then I knew what I had to do to banish the boredom…..

Bring the tiny Empire which I run (out of my place no less) out into the wider world. I had fiddled with it on and off for a while now, primarily informally with the hubby. We’re both Hanian to the core and I have been working hard to create a working form of governance, culture and arts as well as a language all these years anyway. We had relocated from Florida to Georgia and rather than sit here and hate the weather I decided to do something about it. To be Hanian and to seize opportunity when it arose. So…. well… look for it and look for plenty of more posts about it here too over the next few months….



The deeper implications of ISIS and Human Progression

This may not seem like one of my normal posts, talking of economy and empire matters of the financial sort; but ultimately it does tie into it as well. Everyone can see that the Islamic Extremists in Iraq are causing great issues, seizing a lot of land, growing in popularity among other extreme followers of Islam and gaining resources by violence and brutality. I recognize this pattern clearly and I know the underlying dangers we will face if we allow this to continue as it has been. They are a serious threat. Just to make sure you heard me I will repeat it again. THEY ARE A SERIOUS THREAT. I have maintained this from the very beginning and I will continue to speak out about it. If given the chance they will destroy the planet and destroy all of humanity in the process by knocking us back a few notches and destroying all hope of *positive* advancement we have as a species. This is deep, trust me on that, as now we are standing on a cusp, a turning point.

Brutality has an effect beyond what is physically seen. It is beyond the shock value of it. The intimidation value of it. This is not clear unless you know human nature and it is not something most people will think of when they see it perpetrated on a large scale around them. It causes fear, which is opposite of love, and which destroys something deep within us. Changes us. It can and will cause great damage beyond what is seen immediately on the surface. The only way to withstand such things is to be strong inside, deep inside of oneself and most people do not have that ability unless they have stood on the receiving end of brutality before and actually managed to make it through it to begin with. Even so it still does damage and this damage does carry onwards from here affecting the individual for a long time. We CANNOT allow this to happen for it corrupts something deep within us and this something is completely opposite of Source / Love / Light. But it’s not only the extra brutal form of violence they march forth with that we must guard against, there is more.

A group like ISIS, if successful in their goals, will remove free will and freedom from our world. We will lose a lot through it, because where there is no freedom there is pain, suffering and loss. It will snatch the planet and our potential straight from us and it is the greatest threat to humanity at this point.

Remember, there is a greater universe out there, and things reach beyond our little solar neighborhood here. It does not matter whether you believe this yet or not, just know that what we do now will affect things out there later on. Even if there was no life beyond this solar system, the foundations we lay now will affect how we expand from here on out.

How do *you* want humanity to progress from this point? We are progressing, we are advancing and there is no way to stop the process without doing serious harm to the entire human race and our society. In that way we’re past point of no return, gone over the edge of the waterfall. The question is just if we are still firmly in the canoe as we tumble downwards into the unknown.

Now is the time where we choose what outcome we want to have, where we draw the lines into the sand of who we are and what we stand for. And the results of everything we do in the next decade or two is something we ALL will have to live with in the end. Entering proverbial adulthood as a species means we have to take responsibility for ourselves and our world, together, and it means that we have to guard against corruption. ISIS is just one form of this corruption, but one of the more dangerous forms.

So ask right now. Do you want us to be a group of predatory and savage beasts that devour and destroy all who come across our path subjugating them? Should we be known for waging war on all that do not agree with our views of reality? Are we destroyers? No. We don’t want that legacy as we reach into the next stage of human advancement and a group like ISIS and radical Islam will bring us there in no time flat and the outcome of that would be horrendous to say the least. Humanity does not yet know what lays past this point but we can take measures to walk into it with open eyes and a guarded heart. In other words, regardless of anything else being or not being out there what we carry from here will be with us a long time in the future. That line I spoke of earlier.

Failure to draw that line now will either cause the destruction of others by our hands or our destruction by the hands of others. Most likely it will be a combination of both, or even the former followed by the latter. Unless we self implode upon ourselves first. No matter which outcome, it is highly undesirable and quite frankly a waste of millions of years of tender advancement under just the right conditions to get to the point where we stand at now! Just to think of it pisses me off and it should do the same to you.

Still think the black flag waving scourge over there is nothing to worry about or are you finally grasping the bigger picture of it all. The future isn’t like the past where you simply evaluate events in regards to the here and now. Nor do you look only at how it affects things in the middle east or in an isolated region. No, you will learn to look at things at a bigger perspective, keeping in mind that though we are fragmented and only now realizing ourselves as a species we are indeed ONE species living on one planet and it’s our responsibility to make the right choices on how we move forward from here.

So how do we do that, when all we have ever known is violence, competition and strive? Actually it’s not that hard after a bit of adjustment but we’ve never had to all work together. Now the problems are becoming those that unless we work together and find ourselves we may not make it past them in one piece.

And we have our differences, if humanity is anything it isn’t united. On anything. For any reason. We could not agree on anything if our very existence depended upon it. ISIS and extremist religions prove that point very well. They wouldn’t listen to anything written here anyhow, in fact, they would take serious offense that it was written by a woman. As if that changed anything about what I was saying, but that is how it is. But it illustrates the point. They could sit there and prove me wrong, could put down their weapons and make their points peacefully. But they won’t, cause they will not hear. They are separating themselves from us. Fragmented humanity. Seriously fragmented and divided.

Why is that? Because we were separate from each other for all of history, each living in our own countries, dealing with our own issues. This isn’t the first time it happened, a gigantic switch of how we’ve had to do things in order to move forward and it won’t be the last time either. What happened when we settled down and began forming communities for the first time instead of being wandering tribes? There was a period of adjustment. How about when we formed kingdoms that struggled with a new way of life? The industrial revolution and finally we’ve had nations interacting with other nations and fighting each other. Well, there is nowhere else to go as humans were we will be dealing with other humans. We’re at the brink. We CAN no longer separate. There is one human race, that is it, or do you think there is another set of nations inhabiting the moon that we can strive against and compete with? No. Anything else we’re gonna meet from now on will NOT be from earth.

It will not be human. It will be vastly different from us. And chances are it will be either equal to our level of advancement or more likely much more advanced than us. In that case, would it not be better to drop the pretentiousness of our slight differences and get on with it?

What are human differences? Biologically, virtually nothing in the grand scheme of things. We’re all hairless tender skins. We don’t even have that much biological difference with most animals. The differences we harbor against each other are nothing more than perceived ones. Earth is Earth and the divisions have to stop now, at least among those of us who know that we can’t move forward with that sort of outlook. If enough of us do that then true change can begin. If we speak out against things that aren’t right and conducive to all of humanity, then perhaps things like ISIS and their hard line believes will either fade into the background or be pushed there by humanity as a whole.  

This is why I’m proposing some of these changes, such as the economic system. Because we’re one humanity and the problems on our planet are not going to solve themselves. But they can be solved by us together and we can move forward in a positive manner. As creative explorers and problem solvers with love and compassion in their hearts that create new possibilities and beautify and enhance everything around them. Now that’s the line I’d gladly scratch into the sand with my little toe if needed because my hands are too busy holding off the elements that wish to take that away from us!

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So who would be flipping burgers?

Usually when discussing a money free system and changing things in the world like the Earth Empire will be trying to do a lot of people usually wonder how things like menial labor would be handled. After all, if there is no money, who would want to make things? Who would grow crops? What about flipping burgers?

It was something I had been concerned about in the whole plan. A cog in the wheel needed oiling and I didn’t know how to do it personally. Today I got my answer. There was a news story just today about a new robot that could eliminate the need for fast food line cooks if adopted and used by restaurants.

My ears perked up. Machine flipping burgers. Check. Perfection. Now, if in the entirety of the earth empire no one wants to flip burgers, we’d be just fine. There is a robot machine being developed to do that as I write this post. Problem solved. I could keep cranking out ideas and writing strange science fiction stories and not have to worry about having to flip burgers if the time came. At least ten more people will certainly sign up knowing they are safe from menial fast food labor. A public relations save as well, this will just about sell Earth Empire for me, so I won’t even have to make a sales presentation covering burger flipping.

Thank YOU Momentum Machines!
Look forward to a huge order from Earth Empire when the time comes….

As I was sitting here counting my chickens that were visually hatching before my eyes I realized my enthusiasm for robotics advancement such as this may not be shared by most of conventional society. Whereas an Empire proponent like myself will just about go besides myself at the implications of this many people trapped in the conventional system view this robotic fast food line cook with fear and trepidation. They work in those fields. Others work in those fields. Allowing machines to do their work will flood the work place and labor force with even more job applicants making finding other work much harder. Maintaining robotic machines or improving them takes specific training, which many people who work low level jobs may not be able to effort. (The company addresses that actually, but it’s still something that’s gonna run through people’s minds).

Only we, of Earth Empire, with our unique economic system can smack our lips at this without fear for anything. For us this means freedom. Abundance. Cool gadgets that geeks everywhere would envy. We won’t be using money and we won’t be relying on jobs for our lively hood. Menial labor and jobs consisting of repetitive tasks is a unfortunate part of reality for us, a problem to be solved so we can move on to better things ourselves. Education to fix robotic systems or to do other things is not a matter of cost to us, but rather a matter of time, effort and passion for us. All those things are eliminated, so we don’t have to worry about any of it.

To you looking in from the outside this may seem as alien as it actually is. What, not worrying about education? Not worried about the loss of tons of jobs?

Are you absolutely nuts?

Actually no. Though I am trained in cooking (Prior military) and quite skilled at it is not my main passions. Writing is, so is traveling and ideas. I’m the problem solver, the one to crank out ideas at a rate probably not very common. Not the cook. But if I had to do it for society to function, I’d be one of the first ones asked to do it because I have the training, experience and I’ve been told I’m actually good at it. So for me this machine being developed is a sign of freedom, a sign of being allowed to always do what I want to do rather than what must be done to function. As for the “cost” of implementation? One good idea and the machine could be ours even if we had to buy it from someone outside to use within our society.

This brings me to another point. Normally, when we hear of advances in robotics occasionally people will freak out as they fear that they will lose their jobs, the means of livelihood which is already under constant threat in this unstable economy. But what if there was no livelihood to protect? What if you could do whatever you wanted to do for work and you were not required to do these menial repetitive tasks. In fact, a society like ours will cry for advances in robotics and machinery, as then we don’t have to worry who will flip our burgers for us and who will work the factory floors. We can do other things then with our time. Doing something other than menial labor is something just about everyone in an advanced, money less society would prefer to do.

So as you look at the news reports think of how this would fundamentally change your views about robotics and menial tasks being delegated to machines if you lived in a world where you would not have to worry about paying for things as you do now. How would this change the very fabric of our human society and our level of advancement if the fear about these things could be stamped out virtually over night? There is no money, so there is no fear. There is no money so there are no jobs to protect and there is no rent payment so you aren’t relying on a minimum wage job to make ends meet. They are already being met and exceeded and if you go and want a burger, it’s made to order by a product of human ingenuity not by tears and sweat of virtual slave labor. Now isn’t that a world you’d rather live in!

As always pass onwards, comment and stay tuned to this blog for MUCH more on this topic, including HOW we’re going to make this incredible vision a reality, real life small scale tests that you can do on your own and much more.

In the meanwhile, I’m gonna go put my comments out to a few places to bring this to reality. I hope sincerely that you are not due to report to eight hours of menial labor to make ends meet, instigated by a system that cares nothing for you. If so, think about what you read here and know change is coming, even if it must grow slowly to succeed. Think of what you would rather be doing with your time if you would not have to make ends meet, but instead would be looking out for the entirety of human society with that what you do. If you are a business owner or someone who has a lot of money now, don’t worry, these changes will benefit you as well. The whole thing is being set up to be a good thing for all of humanity. Not just some of us.